Building Campaign

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Augustus Corbett Ministries (ACM) is currently raising funds to purchase, build or remodel a building to operate our church and ministry.  Our building will enable us to fulfill our mission of taking the Kingdom of God to unchurched people and teaching them biblical principles of successful living and transforming them into effective Christ followers.  As you see, we have a huge and powerful mission from the Lord.

We also have a large vision.  We estimate that our building will cost at least a million dollars to purchase, build or remodel.  We need ample space to do all that we are planning.  Below is a short list of our future programs.

  1. A one-year discipleship and transitional housing program for the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, sex traffic victims and others who need a pathway to Christ from a life of failure.
  2. An economic development and jobs empowerment center.
  3. A substance abuse and mental health treatment and rehabilitation center.
  4. A 24-hour prayer and hotline.
  5. A 24-hour intercessory team.

We want to help hurting people.  Christ came into the world to help hurting and lost people, and He has called us to continue His mission.  Owning a building will enable us to carry out this mission effectively.  Please help us by donating towards our goal.  Your money will ultimately save lives and bring a smile to the faces of hurting people.  Thank you so much for your help.