Love South Dallas

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Love South Dallas (LSD) is our outreach ministry to the poorest section in Dallas County. We started LSD to impact South Dallas with the Kingdom of God.  We desire to see South Dallas transformed into a thriving community.

South Dallas is located south of downtown Dallas.  According to Wikipedia, it’s bordered by I-30 to the North, White Rock Creek to the East and the Trinity River to the West and South.  It contains historical Fair Park and hosts the annual Texas State Fair and popular Cotton Bowl.  It’s centrally located for untapped growth and development.

The residents of South Dallas are precious people who face many challenges.  A ride through South Dallas displays many dilapidated houses, chronic homelessness, entrenched poverty, concentrated joblessness and other problems.  It’s obvious that Dallas city and business leaders have neglected South Dallas despite gallant representation by Council Member Tiffani Young and previous representatives.

Love South Dallas will confront these problems by taking the Kingdom of God to South Dallas in three ways; (1) preaching Jesus, (2) promoting Jobs and (3) pursuing Justice.  This strategy can address the spiritual, economic and social needs of South Dallas.

Preaching Jesus

The root of all problems in South Dallas is spiritual.  Like people everywhere, the devil has bound and enslaved South Dallas residents to sinful practices.   Only Jesus can set these people free.  Therefore, the most urgent need in South Dallas is to preach Jesus.  LSD will preach Jesus in two ways.

First, we will implement servant evangelism.  It serves the physical needs of the South Dallas residents to open their hearts to Christ.  We are planning several servant evangelism events:

  1. A community garden;
  2. Neighborhood cleanup;
  3. Male mentorship program;
  4. Renovation or destruction of dilapidated houses;
  5. Street and neighborhood evangelistic campaigns; and
  6. Much more.

Second, we will plant a new church in a South Dallas neighborhood.  This church will be a place where the hurting, helpless and hopeless can find Jesus and hope.

Promoting Jobs

Love South Dallas will partner with South Dallas community, business and church leaders to spur job creation and entrepreneur ventures.  Job creation is critical in South Dallas because the unemployment rate for African-American men nationally is 10.4%, which is 2.3 times higher than for white men (4.5%).  Unemployment is so dire for African American men many have quit looking for work and vanished from unemployment records.

This high level of unemployment and joblessness for African American contribute to the concentrated poverty in communities such as South Dallas.  The result is crime, drugs, fatherlessness and other ills.

Pursuing Justice

Justice is not a secular term; it did not originate with humans. It originated with God.  It’s as much a part of God’s character as holiness, faith, love, and truth.  According to Psalm 89:14, the very throne of God comprises justice and righteousness, and the Prophet Amos instructed Israel to let “justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”  Amos 5:24.

The Hebrew word for justice is mishpat.  In his book, Generous Justice, Dr. Timothy Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York defines justice as protecting the rights of the vulnerable. His definition reminds us that without justice, the rights of the vulnerable would be swept away by the powerful.  Justice demands, therefore, that lawmakers enact ordinances and laws that prevent and punish unjust exploitation of South Dallas residents and promote equitable opportunities for them.

Justice for South Dallas residents includes the equal right to safe neighborhoods, high-quality education, modern and affordable housing, clean streets, top paying jobs and much more.