The majority of the African American community is doing fine and has come a long way.  We even got the first African American president elected and reelected.  Hence, I am thankful to God and the sacrifies and leadership of some brave men and women, both black and white, for the great progression and upward mobility the African American community has experienced.


Notwithstanding this progression, there are pockets of the African American community that are suffering.  These inner-city and rural communities need urgent help.  They are in a crisis mode.  Some are facing unprecedented poverty, unemployment and a wave of deadly gun violence.  Even kids and women are being shot down in the streets.

God’s answer for these communities is the Kingdom of God. And God’s raising up and sending Kingdom men to take the Kingdom of God to these communities.  These Kingdom men will lead a spiritual uprising to rescue these neighborhoods and their children from the grips of demonic destruction.  Satan’s worst nightmare is the army of Kingdom men that God is sending his way.

Ten Characteristics of a Kingdom man

How do we know a Kingdom man when we see one?  How does he stand out from other men?  Why is he effective at thwarting demonic activity?  The answer lies in the lifestyle and disciplines of a Kingdom man.  Moreover, a kingdom man has these following characteristics:

He follows Jesus

The first characteristic of a Kingdom man is that he follows Jesus, which means he is a committed, born-again, dedicated disciple of Christ.  He submits his life to Christ.  He patterns himself after Christ.  He wants to be like and please Christ.  He loves what Jesus loves and hates what Jesus hates.  Jesus is his King.

He seeks first the Kingdom of God

A Kingdom man has his priorities straight.  He focuses on seeking the Kingdom of God, not material things.  He knows he cannot serve God and mammon.  Hence, he loves God and hates materialism.

He lives life God’s way

Along with seeking God’s Kingdom first, a Kingdom man also seeks the righteousness of God.  This means he does things God’s way.  He lives life God’s way.  He doesn’t live life his way.  He doesn’t do things his way.  And God’s way is God’s Word.  Hence, a Kingdom man loves the Word of God.  He lives his life according to the Word of God.  He wisely knows that doing things or living life his way produces failure, but obeying the Word of God produces success.

He creates wealth for his family

A Kingdom man prospers and creates wealth for his family because he has the BLESSING OF GOD on his life.  He leaves enough financial inheritance after his death that two generations of his family are blessed.  Additionally, he works diligently to create businesses and jobs for others in his community.  Moreover, he enjoys tithing and financing the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  He takes every opportunity to bless others especially the less fortunate, and helping the poor is his passion and joy.

He prays consistently

A Kingdom man loves praying and conversing with God.  He understands that prayer builds intimacy with and dependence on God.  He knows prayer lifts burdens and is a great way to receive divine direction.  He intercedes for his national and local leaders and his neighborhood and family.

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