Taking The Kingdom of God to Unchurched Urban People

The Kingdom of God is the only solution for the world today.  Unchurched people especially needs the Kingdom of God and we’re taking it to them.

Teaching Biblical Principles of Successful Living

Once we take the Kingdom of God to unchurched people, we disciple them by teaching and training them in Biblical principles of successful living.

Transforming Believers Into Authentic Christ Followers

Getting born again and becoming a believer isn’t enough.  We should strive to become an authentic Christ follower.  Christ wants us spiritually mature.

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Welcome to Augustus Corbett Ministries (ACM)

We Are Creating Transformative Kingdom Encounters

We’re so glad you’re visiting our site.  We pray you experience a transformative kingdom encounter with Jesus our King.  Please visit often to see the many lives God is enabling us to transform.  Come again soon.

What Is ACM About

ACM is about establishing and building the Kingdom of God locally and globally through church planting, evangelism/discipleship, leadership training, charity, economic development and social justice especially in poverty stricken areas.

Church Planting

ACM is planting E7 churches throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.


ACM is dedicated to meeting the physical needs of those who live in poverty and lack.


ACM is doubling its evangelistic/discipleship efforts to reach and train lost souls.

Jobs and Economic Development

ACM is committed to helping unemployed people find jobs and experience economic development.

Leadership Training

Training spiritual leaders is necessary to establish the Kingdom of God locally and globally.

Social Justice

Psalm 89:14 says God values and expects justice and righteousness from His children.

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Our Global Outreach

Our National and Local Outreaches

  1. Restoring Men – Restoring Families
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    Very serious challenges threaten African American families. Fatherlessness is the main cause of these problems. We formed Kingdom Men's Movement to address them.
  2. Love South Dallas
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    Love South Dallas is our outreach to the poorest people in the city of Dallas. The needs are great! There's an ever growing homeless population, poverty, failing schools, crime, etc.
  3. Building Campaign
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    Contributions to this campaign will assist ACM in purchasing, building or remodeling a building for Kingdom Word International Church and ACM ministry headquarters.
  4. Transformation 360 Discipleship Training
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    We love evangelism and leading people to Christ, the first work of the church as Christ expressed in Matthew 28:18-20. Evangelism, however, is often fruitless without discipleship.