Transformation 360 With Augustus Corbett Podcast

We are very pleased to announce our new Transformation 360 with Augustus and Toni Corbett podcast.

The Podcast That Causes Life Transformation


We turn off unchurched people when our lives are out of balance and there’s no total life transformation.  Unbelievers see and hear us shouting all over the church or declaring our undying love for Jesus, but they also witness us slipping, sipping, dipping, tripping, whipping, and hipping.  This inconsistent witness makes an uncertain sound that poorly represents Jesus.  It’s time we dedicate to total life transformation.  We developed the Transformation 360 podcast to assist in this effort.

Podcast Archive

This table contains all previous podcasts episodes.  To listen to a previous episode, simply click on the link.  To listen an episode in iTunes, please click here.

11Restoring The Emasculated Black Male11/09/2016Augustus Corbett
12How To Experience Victory Through Faith12/07/2017Augustus Corbett
13How To Make 2017 Meaningful02/27/2017Augustus and Toni Corbett
14Let Average Go - Joseph B. Washington Interview03/01/2017Augustus Corbett and Joseph B. Washington
15The Embracing, Empowerment and Enjoyment of Singleness03/20/2017Augustus and Toni Corbett

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