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Building Kingdom Leaders is another service I offer.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the concept of building as the act or process of making structures by putting together materials.  This definition describes what I do, except I build leaders, not buildings or structures.

Leadership is everything

Anyone who has led a church, business, organization or any other type of group appreciates the value of leadership.  In a nutshell, leadership is everything.  Without strong leaders, the group is doomed to failure or dismal results.  This fact is inevitable.

Failure or dismal results don’t have to be the fate of the group.  The group can hire me to prevent or reverse failure.  I will help solve their leadership problems by helping them build great leaders.  Oftentimes, bringing in outside help is critically necessary because it provides an objective viewpoint that’s free of biases or prejudices.

My approach as a builder

Typically, when an entity brings us in, we use a modified version of the scientific method to solve the leadership problems of the entity.  We use this method because of my background as a research chemist and there’s no better method of solving any kind of problems.  Hence, we follow this time-tested method as I describe below:


We ask the fundamental question.  Why is this entity…?


We conduct extensive research on the entity, its leaders, culture and so forth.


Based on the research findings, we diagnose the problem that’s causing the stagnation.


With a diagnosis or hypothesis of the problem in hand, we design and test a solution or system that corrects the problem(s).


To ensure our solution or system is working as we expect, we collect data in quarterly increments for one year after the implementation of the solution or system.  Depending on the results, we determine if we solved the problem or whether we should make adjustments.

Again, there’s no more superior method of approaching issues that groups face.  We use this method to build leaders and help stagnated entities grow.

How long is the process

The length of the process varies from entity to entity.  We speculate that the process could take from 90 – 180 days from the time that we offer the proposed solution(s) and the entity began data collection.

Do we serve only churches

No, we serve churches, ministries, Christian businesses and any other entity that understand we are a Christian based company and our solutions are usually based on Biblical and Kingdom principles.

What if our problem is not based on leadership

Our experience has proven to us that most problems an entity faces is based on leadership in some fashion.  In those extremely rare cases, where leadership is not the problem, we will contract with other professionals to solve the problem.

We are ready to help

If you believe I can help build leaders to move your church, organization or business forward please complete the form below.  The initial information this form provides enables us to determine if we can help your group.

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