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As a pastor, attorney and certified mediator, I’m qualified to meet a unique need within the Christian community.  That need is assisting Christian leaders at church or the marketplace design or improve systems for maximum effectiveness.  This need is even greater now as the Body of Christ struggles with globalism and reaching a younger and cynical demographic.

Specifically, I provide consulting services.  Second, I help churches, ministries and Christian businesses build dynamic Kingdom leadership.  I provide more information about my consultant services below.  To learn more about my building services, please go here.

My approach as a consultant

Typically, when an entity brings us in, we use a modified version of the scientific method to help solve the problems of the entity.  We use this method because of my background as a research chemist and there’s no better method of solving any kind of problems.  However, we use only the first three steps of the scientific method to offer consulting services.  The steps we use to consult are listed below.


We ask the fundamental question.  Why is this entity…?


We conduct extensive research on the entity, its leaders, culture and so forth.


Based on the research findings, we diagnose the problem that’s causing the stagnation.

My Qualifications

I am uniquely qualified to offer consulting services to churches, ministries and Christian based companies.  My background and training in the ministry, legal, education and business fields over thirty-five years give me the insight I need to consult with many types of entities.

Successful Business Leader

My background and training have prepared me for this new venture.  First, I have created and operated several successful businesses, including a local church, full-fledged law firm and several other small businesses.  Highly effective leadership and strategic employee development made all the difference in these ventures.

Church Planter and Pastor

Additionally, I am a pastor and have been in ministry for more than thirty years.  I’ve seen churches at their worse and best over that time.  Additionally, I’ve seen churches get stuck at certain growth levels and plateau and have developed strategies to move churches beyond these chokepoints.


Logically, as an attorney, I’m very familiar with the body of law that governs all aspects of growing churches and their ministries including formation, liability, employment, etc.  My legal background is unique among church leadership consultants.

Certified Mediator

Finally, I became a certified mediator in 2005.  As a mediator, I facilitate meetings between opposing parties with the hopes of assisting them in reaching a nonbinding agreement that disposes of their issues amicably.  This process is much less formal than arbitration and offers an efficient and cost-effective method of preventing church splits while resolving issues within a church family.

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