Let Average Go – Joseph B. Washington Interview

Let Average Go

7 Keys To Turn Your Average Into Awesome


Have you ever said to yourself, “I want more from life?”  Or perhaps thought to yourself, “why can’t I seem to get ahead?”  Or said something like that to yourself?

Pastor Joseph B. Washington believes he knows exactly what your problem may be.  In a recent interview on Transformation 360 with Augustus Corbett, he shared seven keys to breaking the spirit of average.  That’s right; Joe believes many people suffer from the spirit of average, as he did many years ago.  Among other challenges, he was traumatized by a severe speech impediment at an early age.  After much prayer, self-reflection and study, Joe learned, mastered and used seven principles to let average go, and he hasn’t looked back.

Today Pastor Joe is assisting thousands of other people in letting average go.  He penned a great book entitled “Let Average Go: 7 Keys to Turn Your Average into Awesome.”  The book is well received all over the world.

In his book, you’ll learn such wonderful and transforming things as:

  1. Why he believes your attitude determines your success or failure;
  2. Why taking control of your time is key to releasing average;
  3. How mentors lead us to greatness;
  4. How to use opposition for your benefit;
  5. And so much more.

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