How To Make 2017 Meaningful

How To Make 2017 Meaningful

Four Keys To Achieving Your Goals


Welcome to the Transformation 360 with Augustus Corbett podcast.  This episode will help you make 2017 meaningful and productive.  If you learn and master the principles, I present in this podcast you will NOT finish 2017 disappointed with your achievements.

Everyone has started a new year with certain goals only to end the year without achieving them.  That’s frustrating; yet, it happens to millions of people each year.  It doesn’t have to happen this year for you.  No matter what goals you have set, you can make 2017 meaningful and productive by learning the four steps in this podcast episode.

To add richness to this episode, I asked my wife Toni Corbett to join me in this podcast.  She has been a highly productive person for many years first as a member of corporate America and as a leader in state government and a pastor’s wife.  She knows how to motivate people and get the most of her time.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. the four keys to a meaningful new year,
  2. the five steps in goal setting,
  3. the meaning and importance of consistency,
  4. how to prevent fear from upsetting your productivity,
  5. why people fail to achieve their new year goals.

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