Here I am again reminding you of the power of words.  In March of this year, I wrote a blog entitled Ten Confessions Every Christian Should Make Daily.  As the title says, I listed ten confessions Christians should make daily.  In this post, I compiled a list of confessions that business owners, executives or managers should make daily.

Words have power - handwriting on a napkin with cup of coffee

But first let me explain again why our words are so powerful. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God if we follow Christ.  In fact, as Christ followers we are Kings.  We have kingly authority because of our kingdom citizenship.  We must release our kingly authority, however, through our words.  Otherwise, our kingly authority will lie dormant.

When we release our kingly authority vis-a-vis our words all of God’s creation must obey.  Why?  Again we are kings.  When we speak our words carry power and authority because they are declarations, decrees or edicts.  They are not mere words.  They are declarations, decrees and edicts that creation must obey.  Therefore, angels must obey us.  Demons must obey us.  Disease must obey us.  The wind must obey us.  Everything in God’s creation must obey us.  When we speak, it’s as if God Himself is speaking.

Our words have authority in the marketplace too.  Thus, it behooves us to make certain daily declarations and decrees over our businesses.  Here’s a list of declarations and decrees you should make over your business.  You can download your copy here.