Hello, beautiful young black sisters. YOU ROCK! And I love you and always try to lift you up! So in that spirit, I have a few suggestions, no a few pleas, for you. Here goes:


Education First

First, young sisters please hit your books. Education is power. Our slave ancestors risked their lives for education. Plantation owners severely beat them for learning to read. They knew they could not enslave educated people.  Education is and always has been the biggest threat to white supremacy!


Second, don’t have sex until you’re married. I know this advice sounds funny and old-fashioned but think about it. You are precious and should require a serious commitment from a man before you give yourself to him sexually.  Love yourself first.

Also, you may get pregnant.  Then you will likely learn how difficult it is raising a child alone because your child’s father will probably abandon you and the child. Marriage protects you from this hardship.

Also, premarital sex increases your risk of contracting STDs especially HIV/AIDS. As a matter of fact, new HIV infections are increasing among young black women more than all other groups.

Young Black Men

Now to my strong young black brothers, I love you too. In fact, I was you and know your potential and struggles. So, I have some advice for you also.

rough african american in old car shirtless

The N-Word

First, stop calling each other the N-word. Not only are you embracing the insult in this demeaning word, you’re also embracing the hate in it as well! Because of the inherent hate in this word, it produces self-hatred and tends to self-destructive and violent behavior toward other young black men.

Marry First, Children Second

Second, most of you young brothers grew up without fathers. Almost 75% of black children do nowadays. Therefore, you shouldn’t have sex until you’re married to break this cycle and curse in our community. Let your friends laugh! So what! Your life will be much better than theirs because the police will not be running after you for child support.

Even worse, why bring a child into this world if you are not ready to shoulder the responsibilities and duties of being a father? That would be shameful and extremely unfair to the child, its mother and the rest of society. Don’t make the same mistake your absentee father made with you.

Please don’t misunderstand me, if you have impregnated a girl; I’m not suggesting you encourage her to have an abortion. Let’s be clear, abortion is murder because it’s killing an innocent life. Instead, I’m suggesting that you refrain from sex until you are married and ready to raise your child.

Educated Black Men—The Scariest Thing in America: 

Third, as I told the young sisters, hit your books. Take education seriously. There’s nothing more fearful to our enemies than educated black men. See how they fought President Obama. That’s because they fear him.  Therefore, they push you out of school.  They want you on the streets so you can get guns and drugs, which leads to felonies and enable our enemies to enslve us in mass numbers and deny us valuable rights such as jobs, housing, voting and so forth. According to the stats, 1/3 of young black men today will become felons, probationers or parolees. Education greatly decreases the chances of this outcome.

Black on Black Homicide

Fourth, stop killing each other. Your life is precious, so is your brother’s life! God made you both in His image. Moreover, your family and community need you strong and healthy not dead or imprisoned. You play into the devil’s trap when you sell drugs and kill each other. He’s destroying a minimum of two lives from one senseless act.

Adorn Yourself Appropriately

Last but not least, young sisters, please, please don’t wear hair bonnets out into the public. Those are for bedtime, I thought. And young brothers please stop wearing your pants so low that your butt cheeks show. We don’t want to see that. No really, I’m not playing, we don’t want to see that.


I just had a few things on my mind this morning. I’ve been where many of you are now. I thank Jesus for teaching me why this self-destructive behaviour is a remnant of the slave culture. He showed me how it allows our enemies to continue our oppression although the physical chains have been removed. He taught me that this behaviour sells all black people short. He showed me how the devil and other races laugh behind our backs. Jesus loves us and wants us to do better as the beautiful race of people He created.

Again, I love you dearly and want us to display the true power God gave us as a people. I’m very aware of the effects of white supremacy and know it’s at the core of many of our problems.  I’m not blaming the victims.  Nevertheless, we must not unwittingly further the goals of white supremacy by engaging in the above described and discouraged self-destructive behaviour.  We must be wiser and stronger.  Undoubtedly, we’ve experienced much progress having elected and reelected the first black president.  Much work is still yet to be done to ensure this progress reaches those in our nation’s ghettoes and poor urban areas.