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He lives by faith

A Kingdom man lives by faith, which means he ACTS like the Word of God is true, he BELIEVES it with his heart and CONFESSES it with his mouth.  He uses his faith as a powerful force to empower himself to overcome the challenges of life (e.g., poverty, racism, sickness, unemployment, marital problems, etc.).  Although he recognizes the reality of racism, he doesn’t use racism as an excuse for failure.  His confidence is grounded in 1 John 5:4, which says, “Every child of God can defeat the world, and our faith is what gives us this victory.”

He follows the Holy Spirit

A Kingdom man is baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.  He relies on the Holy Spirit for leadership and guidance.  He realizes that the Holy Spirit desires to lead him to victory and teach him how to win in life.  The Holy Spirit is his best friend and comforter.

He leads his family skillfully

A Kingdom man happily assumes leadership of his family.  If he’s married, he gladly loves and nurtures his wife.  He treats her like a jewel, never abusing or belittling her.   If he has children, he teaches, protects and provides for them.  He lives for them, joyfully sacrificing his life for their well-being.  He will never abandon his children under any circumstances.

He exemplifies integrity

A Kingdom man possesses rock solid integrity.  He has his life together.  He’s trustworthy and faithful.  He keeps his word and pays his bills on time.  He works diligently at his vocation and gets along well with others.  When he fails, he acknowledges his failures, repents and attempts to make things right.

He advances the Kingdom of God

Lastly, a Kingdom man does his part in advancing the Kingdom of God.  He understands it’s his duty as a Kingdom representative to spread the Kingdom of God at home and abroad.  If he lives in an inner-city community, he fearlessly, selflessly and lovingly takes the Kingdom of God to the gang-bangers, drug dealers, crack addicts, etc.   He refuses to allow demonic forces to ravage and overtake his family and neighborhood.  He stands as a wall between his family and neighborhood against satanic forces.


The African American community desperately needs Kingdom men.  They can bring healing, renewal and the Kingdom of God to the African American community which will produce peace, prosperity, and righteousness.  On the other hand, without Kingdom men the African American community experiences a vacuum that satan fills with poverty, death, and destruction, especially in urban areas.  My goal is to help God find, train and send Kingdom men to the African American community.

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